Packaging Materials:

We offer a full range of packaging materials including storage boxes, tape, wardrobe cartons, bubble, and newsprint paper.

Normal Packing Materials Price
Tape @ 2-50 per roll +Vat.
New Wardrobe cartons @ 10 +Vat to rent per week
Wardrobe carton Seconds 5+Vat to rent per week
New Wardrobe Cartons 20+Vat to buy each
Wardrobe Carton Seconds 10+Vat to buy each

1 roll of 20* 30" 10kg newsprint paper 20-00+Vat

750mm small bubble @ 40+Vat per roll
300mm small bubble @ 20+Vat per roll

Small Carton Measurements : PACK 6 Type 340mm long * 460mm wide * 350mm high @ 2-50 +Vat each.

Kerry Small Boxes Firsts : 2-00 per carton +Vat
Kerry Small Boxes Seconds : 1-00 per carton +Vat
Small Irish Creamery Butter box : 1.50 per carton+Vat
Small Box : .60 per carton +Vat
Tiny Box: .25 per carton+Vat

Medium /Large Measurements: PACK 2 460mm long * 460mm wide * 520mm high @ 3-50+Vat.

Medium Strong: 3-00 per carton +Vat

Medium Seconds : 2-50 per carton +Vat